regency lodge cheltenham
Regency Lodge meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month from February to May and from October to December. Typically starting at 6.15pm and finishing after dinner around 10pm.

Meetings start with the members gathering in the hall and a chat in the bar. At 6.15pm the members put on their Masonic regalia and proceed upstairs to the Masonic Temple, where a more formal meeting is conducted. As with most organisations, this usually consists of reading the minutes of the previous meeting, apologies, and greetings to visiting members. There follows a Masonic ceremony conducted by the Master of the Lodge and his Officers. These ceremonies are conducted from memory in a similar way to a Theatre play. After the ceremony, other Masonic business is conducted, such as the Treasurers report, an update on ill members and reports from the Provincial Grand Lodge.

After the formal meeting closes, everyone retires to the dining room for dinner. There are Toasts and speeches at the end of the meal.

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